In 1974, Khun Chayo Sathukijchai, was born and raised in Chantaburi province during the most flourishing year of the Jewelry industry in Thailand. This province is considered as one of the most important hubs for selling and processing gems in the world.

8 Gemstone mines

Through observing and gaining experiences from crafting various sizes of gemstones, his effort had brought him a chance to enter the mining industry. He finally owns 8 mines ranging from Chanthaburi to Trat province.

As the number of fine gemstones had been declining, Khun Chayo and his friends began their journey to Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa, etc. They distinguished themselves in order to search for quality gemstones and brought back to Thailand for crafting and sold to jewelry suppliers.

Indiana Jones in Thailand

The difficulty and challenges they faced during their journey had caught the attention of many news agencies. He and his friends had been interviewed and shared their experiences during their journey, which later made them known as “Indiana Jones in Thailand”

Inventing the perfect beauty

In 1991, Khun Chayo established a factory for processing high quality of small size gemstones. He invented new equipment for crafting small size gemstones with having the same quality as diamond which could not be found during that time. This has interested many large crafting factories to visit and observe their invention. 


In 2003, while refining the quality of gemstones through heating technique, the Green Sapphires was surprisingly turned into orange color.

A magical coincidence

This happened during the heating process after Khun Chayo put 2 types of gemstones which are Green Sapphires and Alexandrite Chrysoberyl into the gemstone furnace. The chemical substance (Be) in Alexandrite Chrysoberyl dispersed into the surface of Green Sapphires, resulting in an unexpected small patch on the gemstone's surface.

Originate new technique of enhancement

Khun Chayo came up with an idea of turning defected Green Sapphires into orange color. He smashed Alexandrite Chrysoberyl and put it into a gemstone furnace with Green Sapphires. Through many trials and failures, Green Sapphires has successfully turned into orange, which is known as “Orange Sapphires gemstones or Be gemstones”

House of ruby expert

After a long journey, Khun Chayo opened up his own gemstone store. He used his past experiences and knowledge to produce a perfect Ruby. He was trusted from top jewelry brands inside and outside Thailand in producing and selling Ruby.


His experiences and dedication have been passing down to his daughter, Khun Tipsuda Sathukijchai. The design and technique of old and modern styles were combined to produce fine gemstones that reflect the beauty and increase its value. They were crafted from Thai craftsmanship that could guarantee the quality of gemstones and suit the modern lifestyle of the new generation.