Our journey begins since I was born

From many years of observing and understanding the meticulousness and dedication in every process of crafting gemstones from our father who has 40 years of experience in the gemstone industry, this has inspired us to follow and carry on the passion in this path.

Culture to Lifestyle

We have been keeping on the value of gemstones from the past culture to today’s lifestyle. MARON jewelry displays contemporary gemstone jewelry by combining knowledge and experiences of arts and science to reflect the value and beauty of modern women.

MARON means “House of Ruby,” a small house consisting of expertise and knowledgeable personnel in jewelry. A house is owned by an elegant and brave lady who has her sweetness hidden under her confident appearance. She is full of eagerness and determination to explore and discover the beauty of nature.

World of ArtScience

4 years of bachelor degree of material science (Gemstones and jewelry program), and 3 years of being surrounded in the world of arts with famous master of Jewelry Designers from Italy, Germany and Korea, Khun Prasarn Jiambutr and Khun Tipsuda Sathukijchai, a real life and business partner started a jewelry business from their past experiences. They have combined the knowledge of arts and science into their designs to come up with contemporary gemstones jewelry that suit the new generation.

Phenomena & Tales

For every beautiful phenomenon that nature creates, often follows with tales of belief that have been passed through ages. Some talk about God and some are about destiny which are all polished from the imagination and faith of people at that time. These magical moments happen once in a while and in the blink of an eye, making it valuable and fascinating.

Gifts from Nature

Gemstones is a piece of mineral that is created by nature which was buried underneath the earth’s surface for thousands of years. It has been used for representing the belief, social status, and personality of the owners. Gemstones also empower the wearer's life better not only appearance but self-empowerment from inside.

Our Inspiration

During my father’s journey of hunting gemstones, despite the difficulty and dangers he encountered along the way, he has discovered the miracle and beauty of nature that happen at the other side of the world;

A silence night sky crowded with stars that make you feel they are reachable. An incredibly wonderful creatures and living things inhabiting under the ocean. Or even a beautiful rainbow stretching over the mountain.

All these stories that were told since young has provoke the passion and respect in the beauty and wonders of Mother Nature. This has become an inspiration in discovering the true beauty that immersed in nature.

Gemstones are formed within the Earth which is a creation from nature. Every piece and types have its own uniqueness which we decide to turn them into a beautiful jewelry. Every design has been created by implementing knowledge of arts and science to form a contemporary pattern in each workpiece. Each were crafted by professional craftsmen to produce a fine, quality and timeless accessory for new generations.

Our Jewelry will build up the Confidence, Value and Happiness to wearer and stimulate the feeling of possessing one of the magical things in life.

Cultural Sustainability

We have been keeping on the value of gemstones, its belief, and culture that could represent through nature for the new generation. 


Carry on the knowledge, experience, and value of culture in gemstone business from a group of gem-crafters and Thai craftsmanship.


Combining tales, belief, and motivation from natural phenomena through the perspective of a new generation to freshen up the beautifulness of gemstone jewelry.


Connecting the value, experience and tradition of Thai gem-crafters to the modern generation by using contemporary gemstone jewelry which reflects the sense of precious femininity.