Warranty Policy for sterling silver jewelry

All products purchased from MARON come with 1year warranty.

  1. Plating service will be offered if the color of the product worn off from its original color.

  2. Repair service will be offered if diamonds or gems come off. Diamonds or gems must be return with the product to get the service. In the case of diamonds or gems loss, our store still provides repair service but extra charge applies for the new replacement of diamonds or gems and further service if complicated.

  3. Repair service will be offered if the product broke and chipped.

In addition, free warranty service will be offered through the following conditions:

  1. Warranty service only apply to the products purchased from MARON and defect from the right use of purchaser and factory defects.

  2. Warranty service will not apply if the defect caused from the handle of shipment, not use the purchaser for its purpose, or redesign and repair service which not from MARON.

  3. Products under warranty period will not be charged for plating or repair service except shipment handling (50Baht).

  4. Products return for service must follow these procedures:

4.1 Customers must contact and verify their product’s warranty with MARON through

                – Facebook messenger:

                – LineOA: @maronjewelry

                – E-mail:

4.2 MARON will contact customer and verify if the warranty applicable to the defected product or not.

4.3 Customer must return the defected product along with the shipment fee.

4.4 Once return product received, MARON will verify if the warranty applicable or not then confirmation form will sent out to customer via EMAIL.

4.5 After confirmation form sent out, MARON will perform plating or repair service along with shipment information within 14 business days.

      5. If the warranty of the product expired, MARON still offer consultation and service with fair charge throughout the lifespan.