Nine Lucky Stars

A design of Noppakao (9 auspicious gemstones) from Thai traditional belief. 

When stars relocate, your life will change either better or worse. This collection will help balancing your life and enhance your luck.

The gemstones will shine brilliantly like a wish from wishing stars that will make your everyday life enjoyable and blessed with good fortune.


9 Auspicious Gemstones

  • Diamond a symbol of 'Venus'
  • Ruby a symbol of 'Sun'
  • Emerald a symbol of 'Mercury'
  • Yellow Sapphire a symbol of 'Jupiter'
  • Red Garnet a symbol of 'Uranus'
  • Blue Sapphire a symbol of 'Saturn'
  • Moonstone a symbol of 'Moon'
  • Zircon a symbol of 'Mars'
  • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl a symbol of 'Neptune'

Thai Astrology

From the belief of traditional Asian Astrology, life is guided by the Stars. An apparent position of celestial objects can predict one future.

Therefore, we believe that wearing Noppakao will attract positive energy and bring good fortune to the wearers.

Stars and Belief of Asian

Many Southern and South-eastern Asian countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand share the same belief and respect of Nine Gemtones as Noppakao.

 In Thailand, it is recognized to be used by high society group of people and royal since Ayutthaya Period, which make Noppakao valuable and has been staying with Thai people for a long time.

Original & Oneness

From Thai traditional amulet to global designed jewelry

We integrate the happening of constellation, gemstones and Thai belief which turn into unique design of Nine Lucky Stars collection to reflect a new lifestyle of modern generation.

Original Design by MARON

From the history of beliefs on constellations of Noppakao, MARON has interpreted those belief into Nine Lucky Star collection with contemporary design.

MARON is the first and only jewelry brand to convey the story of Thai amulet(Noppakao) into a jewelry design.

The 9 natural gemstones from Thai Astrology

MARON has chosen 9 natural gemstones from the selection of experienced gemologists to ensure the quality and type of gemstones in line with Thai astrology, in order to deliver the positive energy to our customers.

Classy with Nine Lucky Stars

A contemporary design of Nine Lucky Star bands reflects both simplicity and strength matchable with all outfit and everyday wear.

Lucky for all

A jewelry that perfectly fits all wearers including those without pierced ears. It will also create an outstanding look if worn with a Nine Lucky Star Cross Ear cuff.

Hold your destiny with Nine Lucky Stars

Nine Lucky Stars Climbing Earring

Nine Lucky Stars Huggie Earring

The best Gift from Stars

Nine Lucky Star jewelry represent the gift from stars which makes your every precious moment fulfilling and lucky once again.

This collection is a perfect choice for choosing as a gift for yourself or others to pass on a positive energy and good fortune to that person.

Various designs with various pricing

Nine Lucky Star collection consist of both real gold with 18K, 14K and 9K and real silver plated with 4 colors. 

Customers are allowed to customize the type of gemstones they prefer by using white zircon instead of diamond for an affordable price. 

A Prayer

We offer a free brief 5 step prayer note that will create a good fortune and enhance the power of gemstones.

Tips for praying and increasing gemstone’s power

Wearers could easily nurture power in the gemstones through praying, talking, naming, and exposing them to nature. 

Following the prayer note and 5 steps provided. 

After praying, tell your jewelry that it belongs to you and wish for its guidance to bring you good fortune and pray for other wishes you desire.

Find sometimes to do a merit and pray or wear it to where the gemstones can obtain sunlight to wash off the negative power and amplify positive power.